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High-quality materials, high-quality workmanship and
a 100% Dutch product.


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The strength of the Rokkakkei large is its simplicity. Taking advantage of the hexagon shape, its heavy weight and strong magnet creates the optimal balance, even for large knives. The Rokkakkei offers space for 6 knives.


The Rokkakkei mini is a compact version of the Rokkakkei large and is perfect for those who like to entertain at home. The mini keeps your knives sharp and safe while presenting both your dish and the Rokkakkei mini at the table. Your guests will be impressed by this handy gadget that not only looks great, but is also functional!


The handmade magnetic strip consists of a stainless steel backplate and five interchangeable bamboo hexagons to hold your knives. With an organic look to match any decor, this magnetic strip is the perfect addition to your kitchen for the avid cook who needs quick access to their favorite tools.


Rokkakkei products are made to store knives optimally and safely, without ruining your interior and kitchen decor; instead, they are displayed beautifully. The magnets are strong enough to hold knives securely, but do not scratch your knives.


The shape is the basis of the Rokkakkei. A Japanese knife needs craftsmanship, and this is reflected in the Rokkakkei. Like the refined Japanese knives, the Rokkakkei is made with dedication and using only high-quality materials. Each one is made from natural materials and by hand, so you always get a unique item.


The strength of Rokkakkei is simplicity. Utilizing shape, weight and material creates the optimal balance. The wide choice of wood and leather makes it possible to put together a suitable model for everyone.


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If desired, we can develop your own label, please contact us without obligation. For inspiration, the following material types are available.

The creators

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Rokkakkei has many similarities with Japan. For example, Rokkakkei means hexagon in Japanese! René and Elwin, the creators of Rokkakkei each have their own craft and a common drive to amaze customers with high quality products. For example, they drew inspiration for the distinctive shape from the octagon handle used in traditional Japanese knives.

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